TDP Thermal Lamp

With the power from the earth and the sun, which is thousands of years old.

The patented HerbaChaud® TDP-electro magnetic thermal therapy lamp is an ideal enhancement of your treatment and therapy options. It was developed in China by a group of scientists and physics under the leadership of Dr. Gou. In China it ran through hundreds of tests in research institutes, clinics and universities.
Unlike conventional therapeutic infrared and heat lamps, the HerbaChaud® TDP-Lamp has a round sheet, coated with 33 natural minerals, which has a soothing and healing effect on the human body.

How does the HerbaChaud® TDP Lamp work?

Through the activation of the integrated heating element, the mineral sheet emits a special kind of electromagnetic waves, which cover 2-25 mw lengthwise and 28-34 mw/cm2 in intensity. Wave length and intensity correspond to the radiation emitted by the body and are selectively absorbed by it.

CE/TuV approved, registered with Swissmedic, digital timer, replacement sheet for additional 1.000 operating hours available.