• Tapes

    The HerbaChaud® is comparable to the skin in terms of structure, thickness and weight. Advantages of the HerbaChaud® Tape: tape dimensions: 5 cm x 5 m, permeable to air and moisture, extremely stretchable and water proof.

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  • Natural heat patch

    The HerbaChaud® natural heat patch is a physically functioning pain-relieving plaster, for the improvement of the general physical and psychological wellbeing.

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    Natural heat patch

  • TDP Thermal Lamp

    The patented HerbaChaud® TDP-electro magnetic thermal therapy lamp is an ideal enhancement of your treatment and therapy options. It was developed in China by a group of scientists and physics under the leadership of Dr. Gou.

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    TDP Thermal Lamp

  • Heat Lotion

    The HerbaChaud® Thermal Lotion improves the blood circulation and can relieve pain. Harmonizes and improves the flow of energy within the body in a natural way by activating the acupuncture meridians.

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    Heat Lotion

We pay attention to the fact that the HerbaChaud® products are in accordance with our high moral concepts in the areas of quality, care for the environment and ethically correct mode of production and we are convinced that, just like us, our clients desire products that show consideration for nature, human beings and animals to the highest possible extent.

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